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Together with PledgeCents, we can help fund your literacy projects.
Lack of federal, state, or local funding is not the end of the story for your collection.


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How it works

  • Share Your Story

    Start your free ABDO fundraiser today. Select one of our ABDO giftcard amounts as your goal.

  • Set Your Goal

    Share your story and your fundraiser among your community. The PledgeCents team will help you personalize strategies and raise awareness.

  • Shop ABDO

    Shop ABDO products directly on our website, from our catalogs, or with your local ABDO representative.

  • Spend Your Funds

    When your fundraiser is over — whether you’re fully or partially funded — use your raised funds to add ABDO products to your collection.

Based on our premium structure, these goals add even more value to your organization.


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or contact your ABDO Representative for more information.