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The world is in grave danger after NASA discovers a massive icy body larger than New York City is headed straight for Earth. Dr. Robert Miller of NASA must figure out a way to save the world. Meanwhile, Houston High School Senior Jeremy Genser and his friends must find a way to survive in a world where law and order is deteriorating fast. The Meteor is an EPIC Press series, a division of ABDO.

Cover: A New World Order #6

A New World Order #6

Janice and Alex leave Major Winter's mansion hoping to find sanctuary in a new apocalyptic United States. Dustin and Karina also find themselves returning to their home country as Seed…

Cover: Days of Anarchy #2

Days of Anarchy #2

Jeremy and his friends drive to Vail to escape possible rioting and anarchy. As the discontent continues on the ground, Dr. Miller and Dr. Lahdka must figure out a way to operate a satellite…

Cover: Defeat Judgment Day #3

Defeat Judgment Day #3

Dustin and Karina struggle to survive in Europe, while Jeremy returns to Houston to help stop the comet. Meanwhile, the United States Government tries to find out more about a terrorist…

Cover: The Sky is Falling #1

The Sky is Falling #1

Dr. Suri Lahdka and Dr. Robert Miller discover an icy body capable of destroying all life on Earth. They begin working on saving the world--while dealing with the knowledge that the world…

Cover: Three-Headed Monster #4

Three-Headed Monster #4

After the comet's fracture, the world braces for one of the fragments to land somewhere on the Eurasian Plate. While humanity struggles to survive under these new onerous circumstances…

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