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Baby Mammals

This engaging and informative series highlights the birth through young adulthood of baby animals. Each book provides vital statistics, growth milestones, adult involvement, eating and living habits, and environmental danger about each animal. Additional fact blocks help young readers understand more complex vocabulary and concepts.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
It's a Baby Beaver 3.2
It's a Baby Black Bear 2.3
It's a Baby Gray Wolf 2.7
It's a Baby Lynx 2.5
It's a Baby Moose 2.6
It's a Baby Mustang 2.8
It's a Baby Opossum 2.2
It's a Baby Prairie Dog 2.5
It's a Baby Raccoon 2.6
It's a Baby Red Fox 2.4
It's a Baby Skunk 2.6
It's a Baby White-Tailed Deer 2.5
  • New! Spring 2022
  • New! Fall 2021
  • New! Spring 2021

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