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The Arctic, Sequoia National Park, the Hudson River valley, Yosemite Valley, the Everglades. These special places provide habitats to plants and animals that exist nowhere else on Earth. They are also home to rich mineral resources, vast timber reserves, and valuable oil and gas fields. These extraordinary environments endure through the efforts of conservationists. In each engaging Conservationists biography, readers will meet men and women who have worked to preserve Earth's fragile ecosystems. Readers will follow their lives from childhood to education to careers and beyond. They will learn what compelled these green pioneers to act, how they overcame challenges, and what impacts their efforts continue to have. Each title features hard-to-find photos and an engaging narrative that will help readers identify with role models in the conservation movement. In an era of massive oil spills, disappearing green space, melting polar ice, and global climate change, these books will inspire future conservationists to engage in preserving our planet. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.

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