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Famous Firsts: Animals Making History

Humans aren't the only history makers! Animals have been an influential part of science, technology, and travel throughout time. Each book in the Famous Firsts: Animals Making History series introduces the historical climate of the subject's time, background on the animal, a chronology of the animal's historic feat, and how that mission influenced history. A great supplement to your history graphic novel collection.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Albert II: 1st Monkey in Space 5.8
Bud: 1st Dog to Cross the United States 4.0
Cher Ami: WWI Homing Pigeon 4.7
Dolly: 1st Cloned Sheep 5.1
Laika: 1st Dog in Space 5.3
Shamu: 1st Killer Whale in Captivity 4.6
  • New! Spring 2023
  • New! Fall 2022
  • New! Spring 2022

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