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Short Tales Native American Myths

Enter the land of myths and mystery. For centuries, stories have been told that explain the world and all of its secrets. The Short Tales Myths explore the most famous tales in a simple writing style for young readers. The brilliant illustrations bring to life the legends of many Native American tribes.

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Colors of a Sunset: An Algonquin Nature Myth 3.8
Coyote, Iktome, and the Rock: A Sioux Trickster Myth 3.4
How the World Was Made: A Cherokee Creation Myth 3.8
Sky Woman and the Big Turtle: An Iroquois Creation Myth 3.4
Stolen Fire: A Seminole Trickster Myth 3.5
Warrior Twins: A Navajo Hero Myth 3.6
  • New! Spring 2022
  • New! Fall 2021
  • New! Spring 2021

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