Elsie Olson


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Building the Golden Gate Bridge 3.4
Oil Energy 2.0
Be Aware!: A Hero's Guide to Being Smart and Staying Safe Fall 2019
Be Bold!: A Hero's Guide to Being Brave Fall 2019
Drones 5.7
Exploring Earthquakes: Seismologists at Work! 3.7
Connect It! Circuits You Can Squish, Bend, and Twist
Make a Race Car Your Way! Spring 2019
Super Gross Stinky, Smelly Projects Spring 2019
Exploring Volcanoes: Volcanologists at Work! 3.8
Design Survival Clothing Your Way!: Crafting Weatherproof Wearables Fall 2019
Exploring Fossils: Paleontologists at Work! 3.8
Be Strong!: A Hero's Guide to Being Resilient Fall 2019
Make a Mini Monster Your Way! Spring 2019
Super Gross Poop, Puke, and Booger Projects Spring 2019
Build a Shelter Your Way!: Constructing Weatherproof Structures Fall 2019
Dams 1.8
Exploring Minerals: Mineralogists at Work! 3.8
Building the Empire State Building 3.4
Geothermal Energy 2.1
Water Energy 1.9
Building the Hoover Dam 3.5
Pirates! Bold and Brutal Rebels 5.4
Be Well!: A Hero's Guide to a Healthy Mind and Body Fall 2019
Samurai! Strong and Steady Warriors 5.4
Make a Dinosaur Your Way! Spring 2019
Vikings! Fierce and Fearless Conquerors 5.1
Biofuel Energy 2.1
Be Your Best You (6 titles) Fall 2019
Make a Pack Your Way!: Building Bags to Haul Your Gear Fall 2019
Robotify It! Robots You Can Make Yourself
Coal Energy 2.0
Volcanoes 2.1
Natural Gas Energy 2.0
Pet Rescue 4.8
Be Kind!: A Hero's Guide to Beating Bullying Fall 2019
Super Gross Creepy-Crawly Projects Spring 2019
Be Respectful!: A Hero's Guide to Being Courteous Fall 2019
Exploring the Rock Cycle: Petrologists at Work! 3.5
Levi Strauss: Blue Jean Genius 5.0
Spies! Smart and Secretive Schemers 5.8
Exploring Weather: Meteorologists at Work! 3.6
  • New! Fall 2019
  • New! Spring 2019