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To complement our titles, ABDO offers additional user websites that provide a host of multimedia learning opportunities.

  • Abdo Kids Online

    FREE! Online Multimedia Resources

    Abdo Kids Online is designed for your youngest readers. Beginning readers can have fun learning online through free, age-appropriate, and monitored content.

    Each Abdo Kids title has a unique alpha-numeric code printed in the back of every book that unlocks a special webpage filled with resources.

    Free access! with the purchase of Abdo Kids titles

    Grades PreK–2

    Videos, games, activities, and facts

    • Available with all Abdo Kids division titles

    • Access with unique alpha-numeric codes printed in the back of every Abdo Kids title

    • Routinely monitored and updated

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  • Pop! Books Online

    FREE! Online Multimedia Resources

    Pop! Books Online is an innovative website filled with additional multimedia content. Young readers can pop onto it using mobile-friendly technology for further learning.

    Each Pop! title is embedded with unique QR codes that readers can scan* to open safe content on their mobile devices.

    Free access! with the purchase of Pop! titles

    Grades K–5

    Videos, games, activities, and facts

    • Available with all Pop! division titles

    • Access with QR Codes* embedded in each Pop! title or with URLs provided

    • Routinely monitored and updated

    *Scanning QR codes requires a web-enabled smart device with a QR code reader app/or and a camera.

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  • Core Library Connection

    FREE! Common Core Multimedia Resources

    Core Library Connection is a free, online portal where students and teachers can easily connect to additional Common Core resources.

    Every title in our Core Library imprint is accompanied by vetted activities, multimedia, and booklinks, for deeper subject comprehension.


    Grades 4–8

    Multimedia, booklinks, and downloadable activity PDFs

    • Available with all Core Library imprint titles

    • Promotes continued research and critical thinking

    • Individual or group learning exercises

    • Routinely monitored and updated

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  • Booklinks Nonfiction Network

    FREE! Online Nonfiction Resources

    Booklinks Nonfiction Network is a free source of additional online nonfiction weblinks, where readers can learn more about subjects that interest them.

    Each booklinks webpage corresponds to an ABDO title, where readers can access associated websites for further learning.


    Grades PreK–12

    • Additional nonfiction weblinks

    • Available with most nonfiction titles

    More books in this set section displays additional titles within each set for continued learning

    Responsive functionality for optimal use on any device

    • Routinely monitored and updated

If you are unable to connect to any of our websites, check your firewall software ratings or network security settings.