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Cover: Xtreme Survival

Xtreme Survival - School Library Journal

Each title explores the challenges of surviving in a different environment, using true life adventures as examples. Surviving the Swamp, for example, opens with a narrow escape from an alligator. Subsequent chapters look at how dangers such as dehydration, starvation, and predators come… View →

Cover: Chasing Cryptids

Chasing Cryptids - School Library Journal

Each book in this entertaining ­series invites readers to “join the chase,” before providing information about the creature they’re tracking down. Sentences are short without being choppy, and the informative text doesn’t talk down to readers. The books clarify that “most scientists… View →

Cover: Wild STEM

Wild STEM - School Library Journal

Full-page photographs alternate with text pages to introduce readers to STEM ­careers in various natural settings. Each title focuses on a particular segment of the natural world such as forests, oceans, or farms. The narrative offers details of jobs like… View →

Cover: Haunted History of the United States

Haunted History of the United States- School Library Journal

A well-written, informative series providing detailed historical background about notable American sites alleged to be very haunted. Each volume opens with an anecdote about a personal encounter and outlines a variety reasons people believe in ghosts. Rational, natural, psychological,… View →

Cover: American Crime Stories Set 2

American Crime Stories Set 2 - School Library Journal

These titles are not for the faint of heart. A warning in each book alerts readers to triggers of violence, crime, and death “that may be disturbing.” Each case is accompanied by infographics, detailed maps, photos, and a timeline of key events. The crime and its investigation are… View →

Cover: Essential Survival Stories

Essential Survival Stories - School Library Journal

Opening chapters jump right into a detailed account of people in peril, from a rugby team’s plane crash in the Andes (Rock and Mountain) to a sailor stranded on a raft in the Atlantic Ocean (Ocean), before examining the multiple risks and challenges inherent in the featured environment.… View →

Cover: World of Mythical Beings Set 2

World of Mythical Beings Set 2- School Library Journal

Mythical beings from folkloric tales, religions, and cultures are described in this series. Artwork from history and renderings using technology bring the creatures and deities to life for young readers. Two- to three-sentence paragraphs are paired with large or full-page colorful… View →

Cover: Terrific Teeth

Terrific Teeth- School Library Journal

Set aside those fears of the unknown and dentistry with the power of knowledge! Through simple and direct sentences, young readers are prepared for what to expect at the dentist’s office, from the tools in the room to the teeth in their mouth. Real photographs of the equipment and people View →

Cover: Art Styles

Art Styles- Booklist

The splashy pages are energetic and appealing, and students interested in art could find this a useful springboard to further research. View →

Cover: Entertainment Encyclopedias

Entertainment Encyclopedias - Booklist

This volume in the Entertainment Encyclopedias series (4 titles) focuses on superheroes and is snippets of text, and breezy tone effortlessly combine to introduce 45 super-beings, c View →

Cover: Intro to Language

Intro to Language- Booklist

The Intro to Language series (6 titles) aims to teach the very young basic vocabulary and large text, and supportive illustrations, typically arranged into topical double-page sprea View →

Cover: Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs - School Library Journal

Dinosaurs are always a fun way to get acquainted with scientific concepts like etymology of names, source work, and scientific literacy. Deftly addressing the impact of popular media depiction of dinosaurs on the discourse, the conversation here is centered around ongoing scientific work View →