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Cover: Spot the Sight Words

Spot the Sight Words- School Library Journal

This clever series uses interactive techniques for emerging readers to find common sight words. Carefully crafted to include specific high-frequency sight words, each page includes one-to-two simple sentences around a common theme (“What can I make? I can make a cake”). This is… View →

Cover: Aves estatales (State Birds)

Aves estatles- School Library Journal

This series features six common and recognizable state birds representing 24 states in the contiguous United States. The habitats, characteristics, and behaviors of American robins, California quails, Eastern bluebirds, Northern cardinals, Northern mockingbirds, and Western meadowlarks… View →

Cover: World of Mythical Beings

World of Mythical Beings- School Library Journal

Fans of these perennially popular beings will savor this enlightening series. Brief chapters, large fonts, only a few (two-to-four) sentences per page, and simple, clearly written sentences will be welcome to younger as well as striving readers. Though the narratives are compact, there… View →

Cover: Poetry Power

Poetry Power-School Library Journal

This series focuses on different forms of poetry while giving examples based on specific topics. Starting with a table of contents that shows short sections of varying length and followed by the type of poem, its history, and how the form is used, quoting and citing the authors, such as… View →

Cover: Animal Survival

Animal Survival-School Library Journal

Each book touches on the survival strategies of several animals, grouped by the behaviors they have in common. General information about topics like migration and camouflage leads into a variety of specific examples from the animal kingdom. In most cases, descriptions are accompanied by… View →

Cover: Core Library of US States

Puerto Rico- Booklist

STARRED: Puerto Rico is an island full of color, a vibrant energy, and people who love their heritage and tropical home. This attractive entry in the Core Library of US States series (52 titles) is ideal for those seeking to educate themselves on this island,… View →

Cover: Egyptian Mythology

Egyptian Mythology-School Library Journal

The slim titles in this handsome series pack plenty of solid information into concise, clearly written sentences. The narratives provide facts not only about individual gods, but also about their roles in ancient Egyptian society. Each volume introduces the featured god, then discusses… View →

Cover: Xtreme Cars

Xtreme Cars- School Library Journal

“Xtreme Cars” explores the fastest moving automobiles on the road, from classic supercars to modern, electric-powered vehicles. The books take a manufacturer, such as a Maserati or a Porsche, and track the history and development of its vehicles, with several different models… View →

Cover: Field Guides Set 3

Field Guides Set 3-School Library Journal

Splashing real images of birds, bugs, and more for identification purposes, this collection of field guides is the fun out in the wilderness book for adventurous tweens to try. There is the expected information standard in guides like this such as species and differentiation markers, but View →

Cover: Sports Brands

Sports Brands- School Library Journal

These thorough histories of the biggest brands in sports apparel have niche appeal. The lifelong rivalry between brothers Rudi and Adi Dassler makes an appearance in both Puma and Adidas, sharing how their family shoe business was split forever over a misunderstanding. The giants often… View →

Cover: Kid Chemistry Lab

Kid Chemistry Lab-School Library Journal

The short chapters in these books are a mix of explanatory text, crisp photos of children and adults exploring aspects of chemistry, and supportive diagrams and tables. Readers will learn about atoms, elements, reactions and mixtures. Captions on the images offer additional information… View →

Cover: Hype Brands

Hype Brands- School Library Journal

Streetwear brands ranging from Nike to Off-White are highlighted in this new series. Each book explores a specific company and provides an overview of the development of the brand and the creative minds involved. Special attention is paid to the high-profile collaborations between… View →