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Cover: Atomic Bomb Perspectives

The US Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb (Atomic Bomb Perspectives) – Booklist

Large period photos provide more context, while primary-source excerpts and guided questions encourage students to think beyond the text. Older readers may also benefit from this historical analysis. View →

Cover: Xtreme Screams

The World’s Meanest Monsters (Xtreme Screams) – Booklist

This balanced, reassuring volume from the Xtreme Screams series (6 titles) introduces kids to both real and imaginary beasts. Useful for researchers, the attention-getting cover will also attract the attention of browsers. View →

Cover: History Maker Biographies Set 5

History Maker Biographies Set 5 – Booklist

The latest set in the History Makers Biographies series adds an outstanding group of individuals to the fold, many of whom youngsters will recognize from TV and the news. Solid stepping-stones into nonfiction reading and research. View →

Cover: Strong, Healthy Girls

Strong, Healthy Girls – Booklist

The Strong, Healthy Girls series is a valuable source of information for young women who are navigating the teen world and encountering new, complex, and possibly confusing experiences. A great resource for high school and public library collections for youth. View →

Cover: Germ Invaders

Germ Invaders – Booklist

Children have been getting lots of messages recently about wash-ing their hands and wearing masks. The Germ Invaders series comes along at a perfect time to explain why these actions are so important, offering reassurance and empowering kids to take care of themselves. View →

Cover: Nature's Mysteries

Nature's Mysteries – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

This series acquaints readers with the wondrous mysteries that occur in nature around the world. Curiosity sparking series that introduces the beautiful irregularities in nature. View →

Cover: Planets

Planets – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

A serviceable planet set with a lot of value added for educators and parents in the companion online resources. Recommended as an educator resource. View →

Cover: Fierce Females of Fiction

Fierce Females of Fiction – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

. . . these hi-lo titles will appeal to striving readers interested in pop culture at the upper elementary and middle school level. View →

Cover: My Community: Jobs Set 3

My Community: Jobs Set 3 – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

The strength of this series is its versatility and usability in many reading situations: one-on-one, in the classroom, in a story time, or solo for more advanced readers who are trying to gain confidence. An easy choice for early literacy collections; day care centers and preschools may… View →

Cover: Cave of Crystals

Cave of Crystals (Engineered by Nature) – Booklist

The book’s clean page design incorporates impressive (helpfully captioned) photographs, a map, an infographic, and a primary-source quote paired with a critical-thinking question. A publisher hosted link to age-appropriate activities and learning extensions complete the tidy package. View →

Cover: Animales miniatura (Mini Animals)

Zorro fénec (Animales miniatura) – Booklist

Readers observe a fennec fox going about its day in this entry in the adorable Animales Miniatura series (6 titles). Basic nonfiction text features (a table of contents, a picture glossary, and an index) are included to familiarize young readers with the format. View →

Cover: Germ Invaders

Germ Invaders – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

These eye-catching books explore the body’s immune system, the science of fighting germs, and a few major respiratory infections, including COVID-19. With germ-fighting cartoon superheroes, the illustrations are colorful, bold, and engaging. View →