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Cover: It's Electric!

It's Electric! - School Library Journal

Readers interested in learning about the growing gas-alternative market will find good information packed in this slim series…. Worth considering if your shelves are lacking on this topic. View →

Cover: Iconic American Decades

Iconic American Decades- School Library Journal

A recommended addition or update to history collections and classrooms. View →

Cover: Living Through American History

Living Through American History - School Library Journal

The series offers a solid introduction to each historical period, strengthened by the excellent articles, sites, and videos available through the QR codes. View →

Cover: STEAM Lab

STEAM Lab- School Library Journal

Fun STEAM lab projects sure to get learners excited about a variety of careers. View →

Cover: Norse Mythology

Norse Mythology - School Library Journal

The stories are informative, especially for those unfamiliar with the Norse pantheon…. Recommended where needed in schools. View →

Cover: World Religions

World Religions - School Library Journal

A look at the world’s biggest religions that is both illuminating and affirming. View →

Cover: Blockbusters

Blockbusters - School Library Journal

Good for elementary readers who love popular films and stories. View →

Cover: Broken Records

Broken Records- School Library Journal

The combination of accessible text and the ever-popular topic of broken records will attract striving readers. View →

Cover: Focus on Formula One

Focus on Formula One- School Library Journal

A wheel-y great purchase for libraries with lots of gearheads. View →

Cover: Animal Behavior

Animal Behavior- School Library Journal

The topical focus on behavior may complement care-based titles currently in collections. View →

Cover: Animales sudamericanos

Animales sudamericanos - School Library Journal

A great choice for ECE classrooms and STEM school libraries. View →

Cover: Kitchen to Career

Kitchen to Career- School Library Journal

A great choice for any middle school or public library collection. View →