Rachael L. Thomas


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Prairie Dogs: Builders on the Plains Spring 2020
Sea Stars: Pacific Coast Predators Spring 2020
Animal Camouflage Clash Spring 2020
Animal Hibernator Battle Spring 2020
Animal Migrator Match-Up Spring 2020
#BlackLivesMatter: Protesting Racism Fall 2019 5.9
#NeverAgain: Preventing Gun Violence Fall 2019 5.9
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Fall 2019 5.8
Melania Trump Fall 2019 5.6
Kirigami: Paper Cutting and Folding Fall 2019
Origami: Classic Paper Folding Fall 2019
3-D Origami: Paper Building Blocks Fall 2019
Craft a Water Bottle Your Way!: Creating Cool Carriers for Liquids Fall 2019
Create a Camp Kitchen Your Way!: Making Cooking and Eating Tools Fall 2019
Make a Light Your Way!: Inventing Gadgets to See in the Dark Fall 2019
Wernher von Braun: Revolutionary Rocket Engineer
Nerf Genius: Reyn Guyer 4.7
Nintendo Innovator: Hiroshi Yamauchi 5.0
Slime Queen: Karina Garcia 5.4
Make a Castle Your Way!
Make a Robo Pet Your Way!
Make a Spaceship Your Way!
Digging for Dinosaurs
Uncovering Ancient Artifacts
Ancient Aliens: Did Historic Contact Happen? 5.7
  • New! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019