Bob Doucet


Title   ATOS Format Qty
All for a Game 4.3
Comic Relief 4.1
Duck, Dive, Rock & Roll 4.1
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Detention! 4.4
Psych-Out! 4.2
Triple Take 4.3
Apple State Treasure Hunt: A Story about Washington 3.0
Dixie's Big Heart: A Story about Alabama 3.1
Lena and the Lady Slipper: A Story about Minnesota 3.2
Missy the Show-Me Mule: A Story about Missouri 3.1
Rachel's Home on Bear Mountain: A Story about Connecticut 3.2
Rocky's Outdoor Adventure: A Story about Colorado 3.3
Burly Bulldogs 3.3
Chipper Chihuahuas 3.4
Daring Dalmatians 3.5
Perky Poodles 3.7
Proud Portuguese Water Dogs 3.5
Super Saint Bernards 3.7
Buster's Trip to Cape Cod:Story about Massachusetts 3.3 N/A
Frenchy's Float:Story about Louisiana 3.4
Great Lei Race:Story about Hawaii 3.1
Leaping Lily:Story about Georgia 3.3
Monty's Ice Pick:Story about Alaska 3.2 N/A
Rupert and the Liberty Bell:Story about Pennsylvania 3.4
Awesome Abyssinians 3.6
Hip Himalayans 3.6
Marvelous Maine Coons 3.8
Popular Persians 3.7
Sleek Siamese 3.7
Smooth Sphynx 3.8
Bea on Broadway: A Story About New York 3.3
Griz Finds Gold: A Story About California 3.4
Lonesome Star: A Story About Texas 3.3
Lucky Buckeye: A Story About Ohio 4.1
Pizza Pie in the Sky: A Story About Illinois 3.5 N/A
Sunshine Champs: A Story About Florida 3.4
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  • New! Fall 2019