Todd Dezago


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Super Hero Squad (6 titles)
Baby on Board! 2.6
Hulked-out Squaddies! 2.7
Love is in the Air! 2.7
Super Hero Safari! 3.3
Things that Go Bump in the Night! 2.8
When Slurks the Slime! 2.9
…Everything You Read… 2.7
Two For One 3.5
Spider-Man and the Terrible Threat of the Living Brain! 3.4
Duel with Daredevil! 2.7
Spidey Strikes Back! 2.7
Enforcers! 3.2
Man Called Electro! 3.0
Spider-Man Team Up (6 titles)
Captain America: Stars, Stripes, and Spiders! 3.6
Kitty Pryde: Down With The Monsters! 2.6
Storm: Change the Weather 2.6
Thor: Out of Time! 3.9
Fantastic Four: The Chameleon Strikes! 3.1
Fantastic Four: The Menace of Monster Isle! 3.4
  • New! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019