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Animal Survival-School Library Journal

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Each book touches on the survival strategies of several animals, grouped by the behaviors they have in common. General information about topics like migration and camouflage leads into a variety of specific examples from the animal kingdom. In most cases, descriptions are accompanied by a photograph of the creature, though a couple of the animals featured in Fleeing to Survive lack a supporting image. Inset text boxes add content related to the main text. Each book includes one or two “Primary Source” pages which feature quotations from scientists in the field and follow up questions. “Explore Online” boxes encourage further research and critical thinking. The introduction of brief, but specific information about several different animals may challenge some learners; others will ­appreciate the variety and fast pace. VERDICT Serviceable introductions to animal behavior.

—Animal Survival-School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

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Animal Survival (6 titles)
Fleeing to Survive 4.1
Getting Smelly to Survive 4.3
Hiding and Bluffing to Survive 4.1
Hunting to Survive 4.2
Migrating to Survive 4.5
Working Together to Survive 4.3
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