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Fans of these perennially popular beings will savor this enlightening series. Brief chapters, large fonts, only a few (two-to-four) sentences per page, and simple, clearly written sentences will be welcome to younger as well as striving readers. Though the narratives are compact, there is enough information about the mythical beings to keep interested readers informed as well as entertained and intrigued. The cultures that gave rise to the beings and the different ways they were perceived in different parts of the world at different times in history are presented here, as are their appearance and the special powers ascribed to them. As needed, words from international languages are used and defined in context, though without pronunciation guides. Series volumes also discuss the beings’ occurrence in modern media and in other cultures’ myths. The volumes are visually striking, featuring dramatic, eye-catching covers and interior illustrations that include historical works, paintings, and manuscripts representative of the cultures from which the legendary beings sprang; each page of text faces a full page of artwork. Maps are used where needed. A publisher’s “Kids Code” and QR code on the Index page in each volume access an informational video, quizzes, and many informational and recreational activities. VERDICT Highly recommended for school and public collections. There’s not enough information here for report writers, but these volumes will definitely stimulate students to delve further into the topics. “World of Mythical Beings” (ABDO) is a charming series for students in younger and middle grades who appreciate perennially popular creatures such as dragons, elves, trolls, unicorns, werewolves, and wizards.

—World of Mythical Beings- School Library Journal

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Dragons 3.1
Elves 2.7
Trolls 2.6
Unicorns 3.6
Werewolves 3.4
Wizards 3.7
World of Mythical Beings (6 titles)
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