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Editorial Review

Animal Habitats – School Library Journal

Cover: Animal Habitats

The first few pages of each volume offer a brief introduction to the habitat and provide a map that clearly identifies locations around the world. Then spreads introduce eight animals. A large, striking photo of each creature will capture readers’ attention, while text boxes and a small inset photo provide additional information.

—Animal Habitats – School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Animal Habitats (3 titles)
What Lives in Antarctica? 3.3
What Lives in Coral Reefs? 3.7
What Lives in Streams and Rivers? 3.5
What Lives in the Arctic? 3.8
What Lives in the Desert? 3.6
What Lives in the Forest? 3.8
What Lives in the Ocean? 3.7
What Lives in the Prairie? 3.4
What Lives in the Rain Forest? 3.7
What Lives in the Savanna? 3.1
What Lives in the Tundra? 3.5
What Lives in the Wetlands? 3.5
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  • New! Fall 2020

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