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Cover: Animal Sounds Set 1

These books are brief and playful introductions to each animal, with their noises used as a unifying device. The rhyming texts are presented in a large, clear font that stands out against the colorful photos. Informational inserts are on a higher reading level. . . [and] the layout and design [are] excellent. The pictures enhance the text; the animals have been photographed creatively–sometimes up close, sometimes off-kilter, but always at their best. Each book has a fun “Animal Sounds Around the World” glossary that notes that volume’s animal sound in English, German, Japanese, French, Greek, and Spanish. This is a useful series for classroom libraries and for beefing up nonfiction easy-reader collections.

—Animal Sounds Set 1 – School Library Journal

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Animal Sounds Set 1
Bees buzz! 2.5
Cats meow! 2.1
Cows moo! 1.7
Dogs bark! 2.0
Ducks quack! 2.2
Tigers roar! 2.2
  • New! Spring 2023
  • New! Fall 2022
  • New! Spring 2022

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