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Cover: It's a Baby Beaver

This is another wonderful series. . . . With each book providing a “Vital Statistics” page, fun and interesting facts throughout, and a glossary at the end, readers will surely be excited to get their hands on them. Interestingly, a fun fact about the animal appears toward the end of the book that connects the fact to both science and math standards. . . .These books would be beneficial in curriculum-related research.

—Baby Mammals – Library Media Connection

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
It's a Baby Beaver 3.2
It's a Baby Black Bear 2.3
It's a Baby Gray Wolf 2.7
It's a Baby Lynx 2.5
It's a Baby Moose 2.6
It's a Baby Mustang 2.8
It's a Baby Opossum 2.2
It's a Baby Prairie Dog 2.5
It's a Baby Raccoon 2.6
It's a Baby Red Fox 2.4
It's a Baby Skunk 2.6
It's a Baby White-Tailed Deer 2.5
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