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Editorial Review

Who Are These People? (Essential Health: A Guy's Guide) – Library Media Connection, Editor's Choice 2011

Cover: Essential Health: A Guy's Guide

This book is written for male students. It addresses the problems they may face as they navigate the stressful teenage years through such issues as divorce, working to help support the family, younger siblings, and military deployment. Each chapter uses a short vignette to illustrate the problem. Throughout the story are questions in sidebars where the reader is asked open-ended questions about why the character is acting that way and what could be done differently to address the problem. In a classroom, these questions can be used to generate discussion on the topic. In any class where teenage problems are discussed and in school libraries needing materials about the problems of male teenagers, this would be a welcome addition. Recommended.

—Who Are These People? – Library Media Connection, Editor's Choice 2011

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Who Are These People?: Coping with Family Dynamics
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