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Musical Instruments – School Library Journal

Cover: Musical Instruments

Each offering asks the title question and answers it with a series of simple sentences that describe the main parts of the instrument, and how it is played. Approximately four spreads of images demonstrate the instrument as it is played and enjoyed by various children or adults. The font is large. . . [and] all of the photographic images are explained; magnified, sectional views of each instrument enable youngsters to view details and understand descriptions—e.g., guitar strings, a tennis shoe pressing a pedal, or mosaic detail around a drumhead. Useful additions for young music lovers.

—Musical Instruments – School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Musical Instruments (6 titles)
What in the World Is a Clarinet? 2.1
What in the World Is a Drum? 1.5
What in the World Is a Flute? 2.0
What in the World Is a Guitar? 2.4
What in the World Is a Piano? 2.4
What in the World Is a Violin? 2.5
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  • New! Spring 2020

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