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In this series of beginning readers, each book focuses on a different rhyming sound. The first page lists 10 rhyming words and notes that “words that rhyme do not have to be spelled the same.” Then each of the words is illustrated with a full-color photograph and a descriptive sentence. Next comes a short story that uses these terms and several other rhyming words as well. The first section of each title is well executed, using sentences and photographs that clearly illustrate the words’ meanings.

—Rhyme Time – School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Rhyme Time (41 titles)
Athlete With Big Feet 2.4
Bale Of Mail 2.3
Bee And Flea Go To The Sea 2.2
Bo Loves To Row 2.1
Calico In The Window 2.5
Career For Mr. Lear 2.3
Claire's Bear Scare 1.9
Crane Loves Grain 2.6
Curious Miss Muss 2.2
Cute Boot 2.2
Deer On Mount Rainier 2.5
Don't Sneeze On Skis 2.5
Door To The Shore 2.4
Dwight And The Magic Kite 1.9
Elaine's Rain Cane 2.3
Eli And The High Pie 1.8
Fay Loves Ballet 2.2
Four Soar And Roar 1.9
Grant's Aunts From France 2.2
Hun Plays One-On--One 2.2
Jelly Bean Machine 2.3
Joe Grows Tomatoes 2.4
Kangaroo And The Crew 1.9
Kay's Maze Phase 2.5
Knead With Speed, Chef Mead! 2.5
Kyle Wears A Smile 2.5
Lady Bauer In The Tower 2.7
Let's Sled Instead 1.9
Lou Flew Too! 2.0
Mermaid Parade 2.5
Moe's Toes Froze 2.3
Mole With A Goal 2.4
Neil And His Meal Mobile 2.3
Owl Swings A Dowel 1.9
Peas And Cheese 2.3
Pete The Parakeet 2.2
Polite Knight 2.3
Race For The Vase 2.7
Rare Fair 2.4
Scott The Astronaut 2.5
Snail Tale 2.3
Squeak From My Cheek 2.3
Tennis In Venice 1.9
Thumb And His Chum 2.5
Waste Is Traced 2.5
Yaks Relax 2.3
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