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This series is a first-rate overview of protest movements in the United States. Each title is an excellent introduction to these important issues, covering their background, perspectives, further evidence, and obstacles. The well-chosen photos, illustrations, and maps greatly enhance the text and provide the reader an opportunity to “travel” to each protest movement. The information provided is concise, accurate, and timely, with additional sections that encourage students to further explore the topic. In addition, each title contains a remarkable segment titled “Straight to the Source,” where a quote from a notable person involved in each protest is included. The author then asks the reader to write, compare, and research in order to back up the primary source. This section engages the reader and creates an atmosphere of meaningful learning. Teachers will love this. Fast facts, important dates, “Stop and Think,” and information about the author are other features included. This series will fill a void in most school libraries in an exceptional way. Intermediate school librarians will definitely want to add this series to their collections. Highly Recommended.

—Protest Movements – School Library Connection

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Protest Movements (6 titles)
Black Lives Matter 5.6
Boston Tea Party 5.6
Civil Rights Sit-Ins 5.5
Environmental Protests 5.6
Political Resistance in the Current Age 5.7
Women's Suffrage 5.6
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