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Editorial Review

Versus – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Versus

. . . anyone who’s a fan will recognize immediately that the athletes chosen for comparison are well matched. Each volume includes brief biographical information about the athletes before launching into comparisons of their many gifts and talents. Some pairs, such as Lionel Messi and Pelé or LeBron James and Michael Jordan, are such great counterparts that it’s almost impossible to say there’s a clear victor. In other cases, readers can clearly see how each player’s strengths were different. Who would come out on top if these phenomenal stars met up in their respective primes? The titles on the more well-known athletes are more likely to circulate than the less familiar ones, but they’re all fascinating. A real winner for middle school collections.

—Versus – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Products Reviewed

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Versus (6 titles)
LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan
Lionel Messi vs. Pelé
Serena Williams vs. Billie Jean King
Sidney Crosby vs. Wayne Gretzky
Tiger Woods vs. Jack Nicklaus
Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana
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