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These volumes in the News Literacy series provide solid information that will help readers discern what is true and what’s false in the media. Advertising Overload focuses on internet advertising, explaining its evolution and how ads appear in different forms, including product placement; useful terms like cookies, ad blockers, and native advertising get full explanations. The ways that advertisers use your information is also explored. The Fake News Phenomenon begins with an egregious example: the shooting at the Comet Ping Pong pizza parlor, where a young man opened fire after hearing it ran a child sex ring out of its basement. The book then goes on to discuss the long history of fake news and its relevance today, providing many examples and discussing their effect on civic life. How Journalists Work is a straightforward account of the ways reporters do their business and how the profession has been rapidly changing. Uncovering Bias in the News offers important ways readers can learn to detect bias in the news and explains how students can delve deeper into the subject with the help of libraries and fact-checking sites. The colorful format features a mix of stock photos, interesting charts, and informative sidebars as well as critical-thinking prompts and a page of “Fast Facts.” An important resource that will be especially useful in classroom discussions.

—News Literacy – Booklist

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News Literacy (6 titles)
Advertising Overload
The Fake News Phenomenon
How Journalists Work
Uncovering Bias in the News
Why News Matters
Your Personalized Internet Pending
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