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Special Reports Set 3 – School Library Connection

Cover: Special Reports Set 3

Each volume presents its respective topic and its many ramifications. The information offers diverse viewpoints so that readers can understand these complex situations and develop enlightened opinions. Photos and sidebars provide additional information. The history leading to present day problems is fairly presented, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the problems with North Korea and immigration. Volumes also focus on areas where changes are needed, such as in the excellent coverage presented in Rape Culture and Sexual Violence, which mentions numerous situations, including the Access Hollywood comments, which show the need for more enlightened attitudes and legal resources. The importance of understanding scientific data and problems of climate change is shown in The Dakota Access Pipeline and the hurricane volumes, although other viewpoints are also presented. The 2016 Presidential Election introduces problems that persist and will continue to plague future elections. Anitra Gordon, Educational Reviewer, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

—Special Reports Set 3 – School Library Connection

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Special Reports Set 3 (8 titles)
The Dakota Access Pipeline 8.8
The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 8.9
North Korea Today 8.4
Rape Culture and Sexual Violence 8.1
The 2016 Presidential Election 7.9
US Immigration Policy 9.0
Hurricane Harvey 7.7
Hurricane Irma 8.0
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