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Cover: Dogs Set 8

Dogs Set 8 – Horn Book Guide

Numerous photographs accompany several short sections that provide basic information about the history of each breed; details about coat and color, size, care, feeding, behavior; and how to deal with the special demands of puppies. View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 4

Essential Events Set 4 – Library Media Connection

These titles provide readers with a clear, concise, and engaging overview of important topics in American and World history. The writing is accessible and is richer than a lot of history writing, allowing the reader to become engaged in the text as a story, and the layout provides enough… View →

Cover: Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Graphic Novel Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Set 1 – Library Media Connection

The timeless appeal of Holmes and Watson, reinforced with large panels on each page, clear colors, and easily readable font in high-contrast white bubbles, will make this set of adventures in demand with emerging, reluctant, and struggling readers. This series is a nice way to introduce… View →

Cover: Team Sports By the Numbers

Team Sports By the Numbers – Library Media Connection

. . . These small, compact books highlight the math involved in several popular American team sports. The popularity of each of the sports would spark interest for all readers, with younger readers appreciating the introduction to the sports and older readers valuing them as a reference for View →

Cover: Close Encounters of the Wild Kind

Close Encounters of the Wild Kind – Library Media Connection

There are many things about this series that make it a valuable addition to elementary and middle school library collections. Students will be drawn to the realistic full-color photographs, the realistic diagrams of the creatures’ bodies, the real-life stories told by victims, and the… View →

Cover: Cool Art

Cool Printmaking (Cool Art) – School Library Journal

Seven projects introduce three printmaking techniques; relief, planographic, and stenciling. A basic explanation of materials paired with clear instructions and color photographs makes this a useful beginner’s guide. Most materials are common household items such as foam plates and… View →

Cover: Dogs Set 8

Dogs Set 8 – Booklist

There are more than 400 different breeds of dogs, a fact that explains the need for this eighth set in the longstanding Dogs series. The chapter headings, consistent across titles, sum up exactly what readers are getting into. . . .The photographs are of high quality and feature plenty of… View →

Cover: Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2

Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 2 – Library Media Connection

Divided into readable chapters, each well-written book reviewed is generously illustrated with color photographs and sidebars. The highlighted “Talk About It” section is thought-provoking and creates discussion topics that can be shared in a group discussion. The colorful layouts are… View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 4

Trail of Tears (Essential Events) – School Library Journal

Trail of Tears briefly discusses Cherokee society and culture in a simplistic fashion and then covers the conflict regarding Native lands, Cherokee efforts to work for their rights within the American judicial system, the discovery of gold in Georgia that brought thousands of white… View →

Cover: First Biographies Set 6

Walt Disney (First Biographies) – Booklist

This short bio introduces the groundbreaking animator with breezy efficiency. Every other page features captioned photos. . . . The candids (including one of Disney squatting in the hay to sketch fawns) are revealing. There’s plenty here to keep funneling readers toward the next gift shop. View →

Cover: Ghost Detectors Set 1

Ghost Detectors Set 1 - Library Media Connection

This is a great new series to offer reluctant readers. . . . The gross humor and boy problems of this book will make it a hit with boys who check first to see how many pages and how many pictures there are.
View →

Cover: Essential Events Set 4

Essential Events Set 4 – Booklist

Each book begins with the event itself and then retraces its development and consequences, with additional background information provided in sidebars and images. The books in the series all include extensive and informative back matter, such as a comprehensive time line and endnotes citing View →