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Cover: United States Presidents

United States Presidents (2009) - Horn Book Guide

Broad overviews of each president’s early life, aspirations, political challenges, and triumphs are packed into these brief, easy-to-read texts augmented with sidebars, illustrations, and photographs. Highlights of each administration are placed within the context of American and world… View →

Cover: United States Presidents

United States Presidents (2009) - Library Media Connection

Showing our nation’s leaders as people and not just iconic historical figures, this series brings authenticity to the individual featured in each volume. Although certainly not the only presidential biography series students will find, those writing reports or who are interested in national View →

Cover: Story Time with Signs & Rhymes Set 1

Big Blue Bowl (Story Time with Signs & Rhymes) – Booklist

Children who are interested in learning sign language will find the Story Time with Signs & Rhymes series an intriguing place to start. Rather than just offering the letters and some examples of American Sign Language (although that is included), the main selling point here is how… View →

Cover: Meet Your Community Workers

Mail Carriers At Work (Meet Your Community Workers) – Booklist

It gives a good overview of what the job entails and how postal workers spend their days. Though each two-page spread contains just a few sentences, kids will get a good idea of the range of activities involved in the job.
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Cover: Mighty Machines

Mighty Machines - Booklist

No preschool nonfiction collection is complete without a set of books about trucks, and this new series includes large, colorful pictures that capture their intimidating size. The text length gives just enough information to satisfy, and each of the major construction vehicles gets its own title.
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Cover: Animal Sounds Set 1

Cows Moo! (Animal Sounds) – Horn Book Guide

Intended for transitional readers, this book provides a light and jaunty introduction to cows. View →

Cover: Cool CSI

Cool CSI – School Library Journal

These books explain how crime-scene investigators use science to analyze evidence and thereby solve crimes, providing easy hands-on experiments to help young investigators get started. Biological Clues discusses gathering and examining evidence left by humans and animals. In Crime View →

Cover: Treasure Island

Treasure Island - School Library Journal

In this Marvel Comics six-part retelling of Stevenson’s tale, the mood is intense and the plot is fast moving. The comic-book-style illustrations serviceably match the text, adding a good deal of clarity. The competent layout and panel structure make for smooth reading. Treasure… View →

Cover: Baby Australian Animals

Baby Australian Animals – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Each book opens with a page of vital statistics: the “baby name,” “number in litter,” “weight at birth,” “age of independence,” “adult weight,” and “life expectancy.” The books then go on to describe where the animals live and their predators and conclude with a “Fun Fact.” The photography… View →

Cover: Iron Man Set 1

Iron Man Set 2 - School Library Journal

These titles are essentially superhero comics in hardcover bindings, and they bring with them all of the hallmarks of the comic book genre: physics-defying action, pseudoscientific plot elements, and good-over-evil conclusions. The action takes place underwater, on land, and in outer space, View →

Cover: Man in the Iron Mask

Man in the Iron Mask - School Library Journal

Dumas’s swashbuckling adventure introduces readers to the Musketeers’ feats of derring-do with this six-volume series. Readers will be caught up in this romantic tale of action and adventure based on language from the original classic and containing a story synopsis at the beginning of each View →

Cover: First Ladies Set 2

Michelle Obama (First Ladies) – Booklist

. . . those looking for an attractive introduction to the new First Lady will find this appealing. Both the black-and-white and color photographs engage readers (the final one is of Obama holding the Bible while her husband takes the oath of office), while the fast facts at the conclusion… View →