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Cover: First Biographies Set 5

First Biographies Set 5 – School Library Journal

These beginning biographies are clear and to the point without fictionalizing facts. . . . Sentences are clear and concise. The books are abundantly illustrated with photos and reproductions, many full page, and the print is large. Throughout the texts, words that appear in the glossary are View →

Cover: Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer

Marvelous Adventures of Gus Beezer – School Library Journal

The visual interpretations are a hoot, such as Aunt Violet replaced by arch villain Venom. Kids will enjoy the complete silliness of these titles. View →

Cover: Animal Tales

Cat Tails, Bear Claws (Animal Tales) – School Library Journal

In eight spreads, these small-format books offer information about their respective animals and a fictional story. The left-hand page includes one or two facts and a colorful, often close-up, photograph of the creature. It faces a story about an animal character. . . . Both texts are… View →

Cover: Cool Collections

Cool Coins (Cool Collections) – Booklist

Whether hooked by the present State Quarters Program or stimulated to check change jars around the house, budding collectors will find much here to get them started. View →

Cover: Spider-Man Set 1

Spider-Man, Spider-Man Team Up, X-Men: Evolution - School Library Journal

Kids have seen their favorite superheroes on the big screen, the small screen, and at the end of a game controller. Now, they can read about them. Though brief, the books manage to pack a punch without sacrificing the characters’ personalities. No previous Marvel Universe knowledge is… View →

Cover: Stink Set 1

Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker (Stink) - School Library Journal

Black-and-white comic-book-style illustrations are clever and zany. This early chapter book is bound to be a hit with fans of Stink or Judy Moody, and it makes a hilarious read-aloud.
View →

Cover: Stink Set 1

Stink and the Incredible Super-Galactic Jawbreaker (Stink) - Booklist

With large print, an attractive format, and an eye-catching cover, the second book in the Stink series will attract its share of readers who are just getting comfortable with chapter books.
View →

Cover: Snakes Set 2

Coral Snakes (Snakes) – School Library Journal

. . .briefly describes the subject animal’s basic anatomy and outstanding physical and behavioral characteristics. Color photos accompany the texts on every spread. [Coral] Snakes will be useful. . .where there is a heavy demand for material on poisonous snakes. View →

Cover: American Moments Set 3

Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, Kent State Tragedy (American Moments) – School Library Journal

Both Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination and the Kent State tragedy are firmly set in the history of the Vietnam era. The antiwar movement informed both Kennedy’s campaign and the shootings at the Ohio university. Koestler-Grack does a workmanlike job of describing each event and setting it… View →

Cover: Great Artists Set 1

Great Artists Set 1 – School Library Journal

Two-page chapters offer basic information about the life and work of the artists and the eras in which they lived. Splotches of color, varied borders, small reproductions, and many photos provide visual interest in these small-format books. View →

Cover: All Aboard America Set 2

All Aboard America Set 2 – School Library Journal

The type is huge and is set amid plenty of white space. Each book has large, often full-page illustrations and reproductions. . .generally, they balance the words nicely. Each book has a “Detour” page that offers sideline information. . . . Overall, these titles can be useful for… View →

Cover: Children's Illustrators Set 1

Children's Illustrators Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

. . .informative introductions. . . View →