Paige V. Polinsky


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Wolverine: Powerful Predator 2.6
Roads 1.9
Spotted Hyena: Cackling Carnivore of the Savanna 4.8
Tunnels 2.0
Super Simple Experiments with Elements: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Chinese Shar-Peis 4.4
Bridges 1.9
Super Simple Experiments with Mass: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs 4.2
Beaver: Master Builder 2.6
Make It Yourself! Coloring & Doodling
Super Simple Experiments with Heat and Cold: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Giant Centipede: Colossal Creeper of the Night 5.3
Super Simple Science at Work (6 titles)
Giant Squid: Mysterious Monster of the Deep 5.1
Protecting Farm Animals 1.5
American Girl Entrepreneur: Pleasant Rowland 4.9
Mr. Potato Head Inventor: George Lerner 4.5
Protecting Backyard Animals 1.4
Protecting Grassland Animals 1.8
Dogs Set 13 (6 titles)
Rubik's Cube Creator: Erno Rubik 4.9
Super Simple Experiments with Light and Color: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Pokémon Designer: Satoshi Tajiri 4.8
Yo-Yo Maker: Pedro Flores 4.7
Rhinoceros Beetle: Heavyweight Champion 2.6
Australian Cattle Dogs 4.3
Emperor Penguin: Sensational Survivor 2.6
Samoyeds 4.6
Chimpanzee: Brainy Beast 2.5
Animal Superstars (6 titles)
Bluetick Coonhounds 4.1
Rat Terriers 4.5
Super Simple Experiments with Forces: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Super Simple Experiments with Electricity: Fun and Innovative Science Projects
Humpback Whale: Marvelous Musician 2.6
Monopoly Mastermind: Charles B. Darrow 5.0
Skyscrapers 2.0
Canals 2.0
Joanna Gaines Fall 2019
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