Duchess Harris, JD, PhD


Title   ATOS Format Qty
The Future of Work in America
Civil Rights Sit-Ins 5.5
The Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage 5.8
Growing Up a Girl
Rosa Parks Stays Seated 5.1
Being Poor in America
Sexism and Race
Black Lives Matter 5.6
Eleanor Roosevelt Champions Women's Rights 5.5
How Journalists Work
The Right to Bear Arms
Governmental Checks and Balances
Why News Matters
The First Moon Landing 4.9
Women's Suffrage 5.6
The Health-Care Divide
Uncovering Bias in the News
Freedom of Religion
The American Middle Class
Sexism at Work
The Right to Protest
Sexism in Politics
The Discovery of the Polio Vaccine 5.7
Barack Obama Is Elected President 5.4
Male Privilege
Your Personalized Internet Pending
Freedom of the Press
Advertising Overload
Sexism in the Media
The Right to Vote
Class Mobility
Class and Education
Political Resistance in the Current Age 5.7
The One Percent
Class and Race
Jackie Robinson Breaks Barriers 5.3
The Fake News Phenomenon
The Internet Connects Us All 5.6
Environmental Protests 5.6
Boston Tea Party 5.6
Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA 7.7
Race and Policing
Black Lives Matter
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