Anita Yasuda


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Short Tales Chinese Myths (6 titles)
Sinking of the Titanic 5.4
Pangu Separates the Sky from the Earth: A Chinese Creation Myth 3.4
New Nation through the Eyes of George Washington 5.7
Warrior Twins: A Navajo Hero Myth 3.6
Sky Woman and the Big Turtle: An Iroquois Creation Myth 3.4
Bald Eagle 5.1
How the World Was Made: A Cherokee Creation Myth 3.8
Traditional Stories of the Northwest Coast Nations
Traditional Stories of the Northeast Nations
Monkey King: A Chinese Monkey Spirit Myth 3.6
Yu the Great Conquers the Flood: A Chinese Nature Myth 3.7
American Bison 5.5
Colors of a Sunset: An Algonquin Nature Myth 3.8
Stolen Fire: A Seminole Trickster Myth 3.5
Notorious Outlaws 4.9
Your Body on Sugar Fall 2019 Pending
Westward Expansion of the United States: 1801-1861 5.7
Coyote, Iktome, and the Rock: A Sioux Trickster Myth 3.4
Exploring the West
Dragon, the Phoenix, and the Beautiful Pearl: A Chinese Dragon Spirit Myth 4.0
Louisiana Purchase through the Eyes of Thomas Jefferson 5.5
Women of the American West 4.6
Short Tales Native American Myths (6 titles)
Jade Emperor: A Chinese Zodiac Myth 3.2
Nü Gua Mends the Sky: A Chinese Flood Myth 3.5
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  • New! Fall 2019