Susan E. Hamen


Title   ATOS Format Qty
Science Fiction
Civil War Aftermath and Reconstruction
Cuban Missile Crisis through the Eyes of John F. Kennedy 5.8
Astronomy in the Real World 5.5
Ancient Rome
US Navy
Great Depression and World War II: 1929-1945 5.5
World War II
Thirteen Colonies 5.7
How to Analyze the Films of the Coen Brothers
How to Analyze the Films of James Cameron
John D. Rockefeller: Entrepreneur & Philanthropist
Google: Company and Its Founders 8.5
New Deal
Clara Barton: Civil War Hero & American Red Cross Founder 7.5
Pearl Harbor 7.9
Lewis and Clark Expedition 7.0
Wright Brothers: Inventing Flight for Man 7.5
  • New! Spring 2020
  • New! Fall 2019