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World of Mythical Beings Set 2- School Library Journal

Cover: World of Mythical Beings Set 2

Mythical beings from folkloric tales, religions, and cultures are described in this series. Artwork from history and renderings using technology bring the creatures and deities to life for young readers. Two- to three-sentence paragraphs are paired with large or full-page colorful artwork and text written at a third grade level. The text traces our understandings of these creatures through time. For example, fairies “could be large or small, good or evil, beautiful or ugly,” (Fairies), where others like cyclopes have evolved to be considered lovable characters instead of just “giant one-eyed creatures” (Cyclopes). Maps are used to show where the stories of the mythical being take place or to connect the folklore to multiple continents. The end pages have a glossary and an index. VERDICT Quick read for those who love mythical stories and beings.

—World of Mythical Beings Set 2- School Library Journa

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Title   ATOS Format Qty
Cyclopes New! Spring 2024 3.6
Fairies New! Spring 2024 3.2
Gnomes New! Spring 2024 3.2
Gorgons New! Spring 2024 2.8
Griffins New! Spring 2024 3.5
World of Mythical Beings Set 2 (6 titles) New! Spring 2024
Yetis New! Spring 2024 3.0
  • New! Fall 2024
  • New! Spring 2024
  • New! Fall 2023

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