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Each title introduces one of the seven major dog groups recognized by the American Kennel Club. Two or three sentences per page describe the characteristics that are shared by most or all breeds in the group, including appearance, behaviors, and personalities. In Non-Sporting Group, for example, readers learn that the dogs are smart, playful, wary, loyal, and “make great pets.” Large photos convey some of the variety within each group. These are engaging images, usually showing the dogs in action, sometimes interacting with people. Most, but not all photos identify the breed with a caption. A closing page shows six more examples of dogs within the group. Kids will need other resources to find information about specific breeds, but this set succeeds as a beginning overview of dog groups. VERDICT Useful introductions with a broader focus than more breed-specific series.

—Dog Groups- School Library Journal

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Dog Groups (7 titles) New! Spring 2024
Herding Group New! Spring 2024
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Sporting Group New! Spring 2024
Terrier Group New! Spring 2024
Toy Group New! Spring 2024
Working Group New! Spring 2024
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