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STARRED The Conservation Success Stories series does an outstanding job of examining the many forces that threaten specific biomes and their inhabitants, the causes and impacts of such endangerment, and steps that have been, or can be, taken to mitigate damage, revive the environment, and safeguard its future. It’s easy for books to cast a doomsday vibe while discussing resource scarcity, endangered species, and global warming, but these manage to keep such discussions frank, yet optimistic—largely through their many examples of conservation victories. Deserts introduces Joshua Tree National Park before discussing biodiversity, invasive species, and causes of desertification. The 1969 Cuyahoga River fire dramatically opens Freshwater Lakes, which led to the creation of the EPA and Clean Water Act. Oceans contrasts the dangers plastic debris pose to marine life with its use as currency (aka “social plastic”) in some poor countries, thereby incentivizing recycling and cleanup efforts. Tropical Forests addresses logging and deforestation, but emphasizes the positive strides made through forest restoration, conservation, and preservation. The design of these books is roomy and attractive, featuring many high-quality photos, “Science Connection” spreads, and relevant fact boxes—often highlighting indigenous peoples’ rights and plights within vulnerable areas. These wonderfully researched titles are valuable resources that allow readers to see the big picture surrounding complex environmental and social issues with hopeful eyes.

—Conservation Success Stories – Booklist

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Conservation Success Stories (6 titles)
Bringing Back Our Deserts
Bringing Back Our Freshwater Lakes
Bringing Back Our Oceans
Bringing Back Our Tropical Forests
Bringing Back Our Tundra
Bringing Back Our Wetlands
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