ABDO Expands with New Nonfiction and Fiction Imprints

March 4, 2020

EDINA, Minn – (abdobooks.com), a leading educational publisher, is proud to announce three new imprints and the redesign of one of its longest running imprints.

Launching in August of 2020, ABDO is bringing Abdo Reference, Kids Core, Claw, and a newly redesigned A&D Xtreme to library shelves across the country. Each of these four imprints has a unique focus and is designed to provide the best reading experience possible.

New Fall Titles

Designed for readers in grades 3–8, Abdo Reference is a nonfiction imprint new to the Abdo Publishing division. This imprint will feature reference collections designed for young readers. Complete with hundreds of photos and chock-full of information, these colorful books will grab every reader’s attention.

“We wanted to create something that would encourage kids to spend time outside as well as foster a love of reading,” says Monte Kuehl, Vice President, Direct Sales & Content. “With series like Field Guides for Kids, we’ll be able to do just that.” Readers can bring these books out into the world and explore and learn at the same time.

Field Guides for Kids and Encyclopedias for Kids will both be available in the fall.

The all-new Kids Core will bring the same features as our Core Library imprint—primary sources, critical thinking prompts, and free online resources—to a 2–5 grade level. These colorful books have a larger font size and fewer pages than Core Library to better serve a younger audience. Alongside its sister imprint, Kids Core will be part of the Abdo Publishing division.

“This project was developed because we wanted to create a fun learning environment for a younger audience, while still providing the curricular component Core Library is known for. Kids Core will help make learning fun!” says Grace Hansen, Managing Editor. Vibrant design and sensational photos will keep young readers engaged.

Look for these Kids Core series this fall: Drones, Engineered by Nature, and The Science of Animal Movement.

An addition to the Magic Wagon division, Claw (grades 4–9) will provide high-interest chapter books featuring diverse characters. Every title will combine thrilling storylines with full-color illustrations for a captivating reading experience.

“Our goal was to provide the same excellence in storytelling, character development, and artwork that all our Magic Wagon books have to an audience older than we ever have before,” says Candice Keimig, Senior Art Director. These chapter books will appeal to middle grade readers for both their content and their exciting design.

Claw will have one new series in the fall, The Haunting of Hawthorne Harbor, a ghostly thriller. The Invisible 6, a military action adventure series, will be available as part of the Spring 2021 season.

A&D Xtreme is one of the few original ABDO imprints. The redesign of this grades 3–9, hi-lo collection will help keep readers engaged with the text, while still providing the same “Xtreme” factor readers know and love about these books. An all-new feature—the Xtreme Challenge—has been added to the end of every book to promote critical thinking, recall, and advanced comprehension on the subject of each book.

“A&D Xtreme has been a staple at ABDO for many years. These market-based updates and adjustments allow us to better serve our intended readers, while still maintaining the excitement that readers feel when reading these books,” says Kuehl.

A&D Xtreme will have one new series in the fall, Xtreme Speed. Two new series, Xtreme Screams and Xtreme Military, will be available as part of the Spring 2021 season.

About ABDO

ABDO has been a leader in children’s educational publishing for school and public libraries since 1985, providing high quality nonfiction and fiction titles for children and young adults in grades PreK–12. The company is known throughout the industry for its excellence in both reading materials and customer service. For more information, visit ABDO online at abdobooks.com.

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