4D reality comes to life with Pop!

Introductory nonfiction pops into 4D reality with these fun, colorful titles.
Each book is embedded with unique QR codes* for further online learning.


  • Introducing Cody Koala –
    the first Pop! imprint and mascot!

    With Cody’s QR codes, young readers can link* directly to web-based content that supplements each title.

    If QR code scanners are not available, readers can use the unique website address printed in each book to access fun, free online content.

    FREE Online Resources!

    Videos, activities, booklinks, and more for each title are hosted at popbooksonline.com — and are all 100% free, with the purchase of Pop! titles.

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*Scanning QR codes requires a web-enabled smart device with camera and a QR code reader app.

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  • Community Economics

    6-book Set

    • Conserving Resources
    • Goods and Services
    • Government and Community
    • Needs and Wants
    • Spending and Saving Money
    • Supply and Demand

  • Community Workers

    8-book Set

    • Delivery Drivers
    • Dentists
    • Farmers
    • Firefighters
    • Librarians
    • Nurses
    • Police Officers
    • Teachers

  • Founding Fathers

    6-book Set

    • John Adams
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • James Madison
    • George Washington

  • Rain Forest Animals

    6-book Set

    • Anacondas
    • Chameleons
    • Gorillas
    • Jaguars
    • Red-Eyed Tree Frogs
    • Toucans

  • Sports’ Greatest Superstars

    6-book Set

    • Superstars of the NBA Finals
    • Superstars of the Stanley Cup Finals
    • Superstars of the Super Bowl
    • Superstars of the WNBA Finals
    • Superstars of the World Cup
    • Superstars of the World Series

  • 21st Century Inventions

    6-book Set

    • 3-D Printers
    • Drones
    • Electric Cars
    GPS Technology
    • Robots
    • Smartphones

  • US Symbols

    6-book Set

    • The Bald Eagle
    • Mount Rushmore
    • The National September 11 Memorial
    • The Statue of Liberty
    • The US Flag
    • The White House

  • Weather Watch

    4-book Set

    • Clouds
    • Forecasting Weather
    • Natural Disasters
    • The Water Cycle

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