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Xtreme Screams – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Xtreme Screams

Extreme indeed! Readers will need strong stomachs for some of the books in this series featuring the world’s most famous dark legends. Monsters, zombies, vampires, each classic horror movie villain is examined. Short chapters, sometimes only one paragraph, describe the creature’s history, global incarnations, and media treatment. Readers learn how the creatures are created and how they can be killed, along with identifiable features. The author does an excellent job debunking famous monster sightings and offering plausible explanations for some widely held beliefs. For example, “zombies” may have been drugged or afflicted with terrible illnesses that resembled rotting flesh. Images of the diseases deepen understanding but will turn off squeamish readers. The pages have minimal text and colorful images with bolded vocabulary and text boxes. Back matter includes a content quiz, glossary, online resources, and index. VERDICT Reluctant readers with a thirst for horror will devour these books while also being introduced to world cultures, history, and medicine. Recommended.

—Xtreme Screams – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

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