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A compelling line of books providing scholarly expertise with collegiate perspectives for mid- and high-level grades


Popular Duchess Harris Titles

Series by Duchess Harris

  • Freedom’s Promise Set 1

    12-book Set

    • Barbara Jordan: Politician and Civil Rights Leader
    • Blacks in Paris: African American Culture in Europe
    • Daisy Bates and the Little Rock Nine
    • The Grand Contraband Camp
    • Hidden Heroes: The Human Computers of NASA
    • The Making of Motown
    • The March on Washington and Its Legacy
    • Oney “Ona” Judge: Escape from Slavery and the President’s House
    • Ruby Bridges and the Desegregation of American Schools
    • The Scottsboro Boys
    • The Story of the Black National Anthem
    • Two Bloody Sundays: Civil Rights in America and Ireland

  • Freedom’s Promise Set 2

    12-book Set

    • The Birth of Hip-Hop
    • Booker T. Washington: Leader and Educator
    • Carol Moseley Braun: Politician and Leader
    • Fannie Lou Hamer: Civil Rights Activist
    • The Freedmen’s Bureau
    • The Great Migration
    • Harriet Robinson Scott: From the Frontier to Freedom
    • Ida Wells: Journalist and Activist
    • Loving v. Virginia
    • Richard Wright: Author and World Traveler
    • The Thirteenth Amendment and Its Legacy
    • The Tulsa Race Riot

  • Freedom’s Promise Set 3

    12-book Set

    • Aretha Franklin: Legendary Singer
    • Calvin Spann: Daring Fighter Pilot
    • The Chinese Exclusion Act and Its Relevance
    • Dennis Banks and Russell Means: Native American Activists
    • The Harlem Renaissance
    • The Impact of Black Churches on the Civil Rights Movement
    • The Indian Removal Act and the Trail of Tears
    • Japanese American Imprisonment during World War II
    • John Lewis: Civil Rights Leader and Congressman
    • March Fong Eu: Activist and Politician
    • The Negro Leagues
    • The 1924 Immigration Act and Its Relevance Today

  • Being LGBTQ in America

    6-book Set

    • Being Transgender in America
    • Growing Up LGBTQ
    LGBTQ Discrimination in America
    LGBTQ Rights and the Law
    LGBTQ Service in the Armed Forces
    LGBTQ Social Movements in America

  • History of Crime and Punishment

    6-book Set

    • Capital Punishment
    • For-Profit Prisons
    • The History of Criminal Law
    • The History of Law Enforcement
    • The Juvenille Justice System
    • The US Prison System and Prison Life

  • Slavery in America

    4-book Set

    • How Slaves Built America
    • The Impact of Slavery in America
    • Reconstructing the South
    • The Transatlantic Slave Trade

  • Race and American Law

    6-book Set

    • Citizenship, Race, and the Law
    • Education, Race, and the Law
    • Employment, Race, and the Law
    • Housing, Race, and the Law
    • Marriage, Race, and the Law
    • Voting, Race, and the Law

  • Race and Sports

    6-book Set

    • Fighting Stereotypes in Sports
    • Gender and Race in Sports
    • Politics and Protest in Sports
    • Race and College Sports
    • Race and Sports Management
    • Race in Sports Media Coverage

  • Special Reports Set 4

    8-book Set

    • The Charlottesville Protests
    • The Dreamers and DACA
    • Mass Shootings in America
    • The Opioid Crisis
    • The Paris Climate Agreement
    • The Refugee Crisis
    • Russian Hacking in American Elections
    • The Silence Breakers and the #MeToo Movement

  • Perspectives on American Progress

    8-book Set

    • Barack Obama Is Elected President
    • The Discovery of the Polio Vaccine
    • Eleanor Roosevelt Champions Women’s Rights
    • The First Moon Landing
    • The Internet Connects Us All
    • Jackie Robinson Breaks Barriers
    • The Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage
    • Rosa Parks Stays Seated

  • Class in America

    8-book Set

    • The American Middle Class
    • Being Poor in America
    • Class and Education
    • Class and Race
    • Class Mobility
    • The Future of Work in America
    • The Health-Care Divide
    • The One Percent

  • Protest Movements

    6-book Set

    • Black Lives Matter
    • Boston Tea Party
    • Civil Rights Sit-Ins
    • Environmental Protests
    • Political Resistance in the Current Age
    • Women’s Suffrage

  • American Values and Freedoms

    6-book Set

    • Freedom of Religion
    • Freedom of the Press
    • Governmental Checks and Balances
    • The Right to Bear Arms
    • The Right to Protest
    • The Right to Vote

  • Being Female in America

    6-book Set

    • Growing Up a Girl
    • Male Privilege
    • Sexism and Race
    • Sexism at Work
    • Sexism in Politics
    • Sexism in the Media

  • News Literacy

    6-book Set

    • Advertising Overload
    • The Fake News Phenomenon
    • How Journalists Work
    • Uncovering Bias in the News
    • Why News Matters
    • Your Personalized Internet

Titles by Duchess Harris

Meet Duchess Harris


Dr. Harris is a professor of American Studies and Political Science at Macalester College and curator of the Duchess Harris Collection of ABDO books. She is also the coauthor of the collection, which features popular titles such as Hidden Human Computers: The Black Women of NASA and series including Freedom’s Promise and Race and American Law. Dr. Harris hosts the Freedom’s Promise podcast with her son.

Before working with ABDO, Dr. Harris authored several other books on the topics of race, culture, and American history. She served as an associate editor for Litigation News, the American Bar Association Section of Litigation’s quarterly flagship publication, and was the first editor in chief of Law Raza, an interactive online journal covering race and the law, published at William Mitchell College of Law. She has earned a BA in History from the University of Pennsylvania, a PhD in American Studies from the University of Minnesota, and a JD from William Mitchell College of Law.


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Duchess Harris Videos

  • Library Collections that Reflect Race Relations in the 21st Century

    July 16th, 2020

  • Big Questions Series from Macalester College

    Professor Harris on #MeToo and sexism, with Macalester President Brian Rosenberg

    Video credits: Recorded, produced, and provided by Macalester College

  • The Laura C. Harris Symposium

    Denison University • October 19th, 2017

    Video credits: Recorded, produced, and provided by Denison University Media Technology Services