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Unplanned Pregnancies – Booklist review

Cover: Teen Challenges

This straightforward offering features plain language and relatable scenarios while considering multiple perspectives on unplanned pregnancies. Part of the Teen Challenges series (8 titles), the text lays out options—from prevention measures to decisions about keeping or ending a pregnancy—for both girls and boys. Along the way, the no-nonsense text lampoons common myths while providing ample social context (statistics, effectiveness of various contraceptives, studies of teen pregnancy prevention programs, the impact of information campaigns, legislation, etc.). Information is current and realistic, covering apps to track menstrual cycles, possible physical and emotional repercussions, and finances (the cost of contraceptives, abortions, Csections, etc.). Helpful features include a review of essential facts, chapter notes, a glossary, and additional resources. This will be beneficial for both report writers and teens seeking guidance.

—Unplanned Pregnancies – Booklist review

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