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Native American Nations – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Native American Nations

Lots of information is packed into bite-sized chapters in this series. Each book explores the nation’s homeland, societal structure, dress, food sources, and war capabilities. While there is a chapter about traditions, it only includes a short example of spiritual beliefs. First contact with Europeans is discussed in each book, highlighting broken promises and forced removals. The final section describes Native Americans today and how they are preserving their ancient cultures. Each chapter is accompanied by a full-page image of people, homes, crafts, and clothes. Pronunciation is provided for unfamiliar words and vocabulary is bolded. Back matter includes a glossary and an index. This series puts an end to the idea that all Native Americans are alike or that even a single nation is monolithic. As they are broken down into smaller communities, different beliefs and customs begin to emerge, creating a much more complex picture. VERDICT An excellent resource for beginning researchers.

—Native American Nations – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

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Native American Nations (10 titles)
Navajo 4.8
Nez Perce 4.9
Seminole 4.8
Sioux 4.8
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