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Puerto Rico- Booklist

Cover: Core Library of US States

STARRED: Puerto Rico is an island full of color, a vibrant energy, and people who love their heritage and tropical home. This attractive entry in the Core Library of US States series (52 titles) is ideal for those seeking to educate themselves on this island, from its geography and climate to its history and cultural touchstones. An illuminating chapter discusses the island’s political background and government, delving into its history of colonialism and slavery, its status as a U.S. territory, and
the debate for statehood. An overview of Puerto Rico’s economy is provided, as is thedevastating impact that hurricanes have had on the island. A refreshing amount of space is given to the island’s rich heritage, from the Native Taнno to Borikйm identity. Illustrated with colorful photos and historical reproductions, the text also gets a boost from critical-thinking questions, quotes, infographics, a time line, and encouragement for readers to seek out other perspectives in different resources. This book goes beyond facts and stats to offer readers a well-rounded account of Puerto Rico and what makes it so special.

—Puerto Rico- Booklist

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