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Aves estatles- School Library Journal

Cover: Aves estatales (State Birds)

This series features six common and recognizable state birds representing 24 states in the contiguous United States. The habitats, characteristics, and behaviors of American robins, California quails, Eastern bluebirds, Northern cardinals, Northern mockingbirds, and Western meadowlarks are introduced using short, simple words and phrases along with complementary color photographs. State birds covered in this series include the birds of Arkansas, ­Florida, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, ­Kansas, ­Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oregon, ­Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana, ­Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, West Virginia, ­Missouri, New York, Wisconsin, ­Connecticut, and Michigan. Aligned with Common Core standards, this series includes maps of where each bird can be found, a visual glossary, and an index. VERDICT Readers will love learning about the birds they can find in their backyards thanks to this series that’s a great fit for school library collections.

—Aves estatles- School Library Journal

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