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Cover: Broken Records

Feats of eating, sports, and more are celebrated in this new series. Each slim book presents a different type of world record, with an emphasis on sensational and thrilling achievements. The text is written at a second grade reading level with ­one-to-three sentences per page. The ­readable text and high-interest subject matter is well-designed for hi-lo readers. However, the books could benefit from more information or ­supplementary text features like charts and graphs, as in the well-known world records books many readers gravitate toward. Page layouts are eye-catching, with full-page color photographs and attractive graphics. A QR code linking to Abdo Booklinks provides additional web resources for each book.

—Broken Records- School Library Journal

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Broken Records (6 titles) New! Fall 2023
Eating Records to Chew On! New! Fall 2023
Sports Records to Make You Cheer! New! Fall 2023
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  • New! Fall 2023

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