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Broken Records- School Library Journal

Cover: Broken Records

The combination of accessible text and the ever-popular topic of broken records will attract striving readers.

—Broken Records- School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Accidental Records to Make You Go Oops! New! Fall 2023
Adventure Records to Get Your Heart Racing! New! Fall 2023
Animal Records to Dig Your Claws Into! New! Fall 2023
Body Records to Pump You Up! New! Fall 2023
Broken Records (6 titles) New! Fall 2023
Eating Records to Chew On! New! Fall 2023
Sports Records to Make You Cheer! New! Fall 2023
  • New! Spring 2024
  • New! Fall 2023
  • New! Spring 2023

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