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Each book in this entertaining ­series invites readers to “join the chase,” before providing information about the creature they’re tracking down. Sentences are short without being choppy, and the informative text doesn’t talk down to readers. The books clarify that “most scientists don’t believe they [cryptids] exist,” before presenting numerous personal anecdotes, ­alleged encounters, and “eyewitness reports” ­including photos. New vocabulary is in bold type and defined in a glossary. Each volume features a “Cryptid Profile,” containing a “photo” and the creature’s name(s), classification, sighting locations, habitats, and physical description. A profile of someone—not necessarily a believer—who investigated the cryptid in question is included in each volume. Back matter includes a glossary and an index, and digital resources for further reading. VERDICT Entertaining and attractively formatted. Recommended for schools and public libraries, where it will be popular with cryptid fans.

—Chasing Cryptids - School Library Journal

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