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Dinosaurs are always a fun way to get acquainted with scientific concepts like etymology of names, source work, and scientific literacy. Deftly addressing the impact of popular media depiction of dinosaurs on the discourse, the conversation here is centered around ongoing scientific work and how ideas about dinosaurs continue to change over time as we learn more. Activities built into the text encourage readers to question what they have read and consider the perspectives and biases of their sources. This updated take on the longitudinal study of ancient creatures and whose voices have been in that conversation is one that is not often seen in this subject area. VERDICT While dinosaurs will always be popular additions to library collections, these titles bring something new in their critical thinking and dialogic aspects for educators and students.

—Dinosaurs - School Library Journal

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Brachiosaurus New! Spring 2024 4.4
Dilophosaurus New! Spring 2024 4.6
Dinosaurs (6 titles) New! Spring 2024
Spinosaurus New! Spring 2024 4.5
Stegosaurus New! Spring 2024 4.8
Triceratops New! Spring 2024 4.6
Tyrannosaurus Rex New! Spring 2024 4.5
  • New! Fall 2024
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