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These titles . . . will be most welcome in a classroom setting. The simple format includes clean-looking photographs surrounded by white space. The images clearly show the concept without being bogged down by extra details. These little packages are perfect for teaching lessons that feature a “letter of the day” and are well suited for beginning readers.

—First Sounds – School Library Journal

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
First Sounds (42 titles)
Alex and Max
Amy and Abe
Blair and Blaine
Brandi and Brent
Cassie and Carl
Chelsey and Chad
Cindy and Cecil
Cristy and Craig
Deb and Dan
Drew and Drake
Emma and Eddie
Eva and Ethan
Fay and Felix
Flora and Floyd
Fran and Fred
Gail and Gary
Gina and George
Gladys and Glen
Grace and Grant
Hannah and Henry
Ida and Ike
India and Iggy
Jill and John
Kim and Ken
Liz and Len
Meg and Mark
Nan and Nick
Olga and Olaf
Olive and Oscar
Pam and Pete
Quinn and Quenton
Ruth and Rob
Sara and Sam
Sharon and Shawn
Skye and Skip
Sloane and Sly
Stacy and Steve
Tam and Tom
Tracy and Trevor
Ulma and Upton
Wendy and Wally
Whitney and Wheeler
Zoe and Zach
Bess and Bill
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