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Earth Detectives – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

Cover: Earth Detectives

Earth science students may be drawn to geological fields that offer outdoor exploration as well as laboratory study. “Think about it” segments ask readers if they’ve ever found a fossil, felt an earthquake, or examined the local climate, to initiate a connection to their own environments. A circular portrait of a noted person in the field is on each cover, putting a human face on what might otherwise be considered obscure work. The interesting biographical asides are balanced with modern developments, such as how fossils are now scanned with lasers and 3-D printed by paleontologists. A “tool kit” section shows pictures of a tiltmeter, thermal imaging camera, and petrographic microscope, while scientific concepts such as density and radioactivity are explained best in the glossary. A broader and more historical treatment of earth scientists at work. Large STEM collections will want to consider.

—Earth Detectives – School Library Journal, Series Made Simple

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Earth Detectives (6 titles)
Exploring Earthquakes: Seismologists at Work! 3.7
Exploring Fossils: Paleontologists at Work! 3.8
Exploring Minerals: Mineralogists at Work! 3.8
Exploring the Rock Cycle: Petrologists at Work! 3.5
Exploring Volcanoes: Volcanologists at Work! 3.8
Exploring Weather: Meteorologists at Work! 3.6
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  • New! Fall 2019

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