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Special Reports Set 4 – Booklist

Cover: Special Reports Set 4

STARRED The Special Reports series gives serious, in-depth, yet highly readable treatments to hot topics kids hear or read about every day. Attractively designed with well-chosen stock photos, these excellent books will certainly be useful for reports; but, perhaps more important, they may well be picked up by readers who want to be better informed about current events—and they will be.

—Special Reports Set 4 – Booklist

Products Reviewed

Title   ATOS Format Qty
Special Reports Set 4 (8 titles) Spring 2019
The Charlottesville Protests Spring 2019
The Dreamers and DACA Spring 2019
Mass Shootings in America Spring 2019
The Opioid Crisis Spring 2019
The Paris Climate Agreement Spring 2019
The Refugee Crisis Spring 2019
Russian Hacking in American Elections Spring 2019
The Silence Breakers and the #MeToo Movement Spring 2019
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