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Cover: Count the Critters Set 1

Count the Critters Set 1 - School Library Journal

Each of these books introduces a basic counting concept and follows one method consistently to teach it. Spreads devote three or four sentences to a number. In four of the books, an addition or subtraction equation shows how the result can be achieved, and, in all, a number line along… View →

Cover: Let's Measure

Let's Measure – School Library Journal

These books show diverse children measuring or weighing everyday items. In Cup, friends measure wet and dry baking ingredients. Additional sections show youngsters apportioning other materials, ask questions such as how many cups it takes to fill a sink, challenge readers to… View →

Cover: Baby African Animals

Baby African Animals – School Library Journal

Large, double-spaced type and simple structure will help newer readers. . . .A nice mixture of broad and specific details makes the information easy to digest. . . View →

Cover: Beginner Biographies Set 1

Beginner Biographies Set 1 - School Library Journal

This aptly named set has a consistent, clean layout: spreads feature brief text on one page, with a full-color illustration opposite. Martin Luther King’s and Abraham Lincoln’s assassinations are handled with age-appropriate text and illustrations that are somber, but not… View →

Cover: Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 1

Essential Health: Strong Beautiful Girls Set 1 – School Library Journal

Delicate, flowery borders and designs grace the pages in these books, yet the personal stories are both forthright and candid. . . .These volumes cover the gamut of challenges and pressures that whittle girls’ self-esteem. . . . The true-to-life situations described in these books… View →

Cover: Cool Art

Cool Art – School Library Journal

These books are well organized, with clearly written sections. . .and several clever projects and exercises. . . .These titles should have substantial child appeal. View →

Cover: Cool Art

Cool Collage (Cool Art) – Booklist

Students will appreciate the projects’ wide range of styles and technical challenges, from a pop-up birthday card to an elaborate collage of monsters in battle. Tips for caring for completed projects and a glossary and index close this title in the Cool Art series that sends View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 3

Essential Viewpoints Set 3 – Horn Book Guide

. . .well-balanced discussion. . . View →

Cover: Bill of Rights

Bill of Rights – Horn Book Guide

The writing is clear, . . . accessible, and interesting. The books are illustrated with well-chosen photographs and archival art and include better than average glossaries. View →

Cover: Underwater World Set 1

Underwater World Set 1 – Horn Book Guide

The books provide solid information for elementary school reports. Libraries needing to enhance their marine life collections would do well to add these titles for young report writers. View →

Cover: Essential Viewpoints Set 1

Illegal Immigration (Essential Viewpoints) – Horn Book Guide

. . .informative text presents the history of immigration, the factors that fuel current arguments, reform initiatives, and divergent perspectives, allowing readers to make informed decisions of their own. View →

Cover: Baby Mammals

Baby Mammals – Horn Book Guide

A clean, inviting design frames the texts in this early reader series about the lives of North American mammal babies. “Vital Statistics” and “Fun Facts” pages are useful for making quick comparisons among the animals. View →