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Cover: United States Presidents

Barack Obama (United States Presidents) – Booklist

A. . .simple, approachable entry in the United States Presidents series. Wheeler gives an overall glimpse of Obama’s life from childhood to the presidency, beginning with a brief introduction, a time line of major events, and a quick “Did You Know?” page.… View →

Cover: Boxcar Children Graphic Novels Set 1

Boxcar Children Graphic Novels Set 1 - Booklist

The artwork is more energetic, and the format works in the series’ favor, lending a contemporary feel even though the cars and clothes are vintage. View →

Cover: National Parks

National Parks Set 2 – School Library Journal

The eight chapters in each title, one to three pages long, are chock-full of valuable information. Scientific terms are dispersed throughout, and most are either explained within the text or included in the glossary. The amazing photographs highlight unique features and are clear and… View →

Cover: Animal Habitats

Animal Habitats – School Library Journal

The first few pages of each volume offer a brief introduction to the habitat and provide a map that clearly identifies locations around the world. Then spreads introduce eight animals. A large, striking photo of each creature will capture readers’ attention, while text boxes and a small… View →

Cover: Graphic Shakespeare Set 1

Graphic Shakespeare Set 1 - School Library Journal

Each book opens with a list of characters and a description of the setting. Background information, a short synopsis, famous phrases from the play, and a biographical sketch of Shakespeare are also included. . . . Each slim volume is written in large-sized font and includes full-color… View →

Cover: Children's Authors Set 5

Children's Authors Set 5 - School Library Journal

. . .these biographies include information that may be of interest to elementary students. . . View →

Cover: Cool Music

Cool Music – Library Media Connection

This series of nonfiction books is dedicated to the appreciation of exclusive genres of music. Photographs and simple text complement these titles. Each book supplies a wealth of fascinating information to those who are new to the field. Reluctant readers will be attracted to these… View →

Cover: Baby Mammals

Baby Mammals – Library Media Connection

This is another wonderful series. . . . With each book providing a “Vital Statistics” page, fun and interesting facts throughout, and a glossary at the end, readers will surely be excited to get their hands on them. Interestingly, a fun fact about the animal appears toward… View →

Cover: The Universe Set 1

Universe Set 1 - Library Media Connection

Brilliantly put together, this series is yet another valuable resource. . . . They are perfect for the young beginning researcher. The author uses photographs and creative color blocking to draw the reader into the book. Left and right arrows direct the reader’s attention to the… View →

Cover: Short Tales Classics

Short Tales Classics – Library Media Connection

These graphic novellas of classic titles are intended to appeal to a younger audience and pique their interest in the classics. The illustrations are bold, bright, and interesting. If you are looking for easy readers to attract a specific audience, then this might be the series for you. View →

Cover: Let's Measure

Let's Measure – School Library Journal

These books show diverse children measuring or weighing everyday items. In Cup, friends measure wet and dry baking ingredients. Additional sections show youngsters apportioning other materials, ask questions such as how many cups it takes to fill a sink, challenge readers to… View →

Cover: Baby African Animals

Baby African Animals – School Library Journal

Large, double-spaced type and simple structure will help newer readers. . . .A nice mixture of broad and specific details makes the information easy to digest. . . View →